Sizden Gelenler

Hande Dizdaroğlu

International Academic Cooperation Office

As part of the Erasmus Staff Training program, I had a change to visit the International Office at University of Lusofona between 17-19 April 2018. I strongly believe that Erasmus exchange program, is a useful tool for observation, knowledge transfer, sharing good practice, acquiring practical skills or discovering new ideas for learning. Besides discovering a different culture, country, people and traditions, it is a way to motivate and inspire the participants. During my 3 days training program, I was part of a very different atmosphere and a completely different working environment. In my opinion, this exchange program facilitated the acquisition of intercultural skills, language skills and self-reliance. The working structure International Office of Lusofona, their short and long-term strategies, their target countries as well as background of international students were completely different from my home institution. I believe it was a mutual learning experience for both sides. As much as I learned from them, my counterparts at Lusofona also found our more about Turkey, my home institution and our goals and strategies. We worked on our future agendas and the cooperation opportunities among our institutions to enhance our relations. It is decided to develop a co-organized short-term summer and/or winter school for students. The details will be discussed, developed and followed via emails.

Overall, the experience will prove a great success for myself and for my university. Even if it is short visit, this cross-border mobility period and experience is a key asset and a contributor to my CV.