Altınbaş University is a young and dynamic university in Turkey, admitted its first students in the 2011- 2012 academic year. It is a non-profit foundation university founded by the Mehmet Altinbas Education and Culture Foundation. The medium of instruction is English at Altınbaş University for most of the programs.

Altınbaş University aims to be an internationally recognized research university that offers high-quality education of international standards. The objective of the university is to equip its students with knowledge, skills and competences for them to flourish within a global society, by fostering a culture of excellence and respect for other cultures and ideas. The university aims to create an intercultural learning environment for its students to facilitate intercultural encounters. Thus, Altınbaş University made international mobility and cooperation the central elements of its institutional strategy.

Altınbaş University has a strong commitment to internationalization at home and abroad. It has shown its dedication to internationalization of education in various ways: Participation in the Erasmus program as well as the organization of international projects, seminars and conferences.  It is also reflected by its strategy to admit international degree students and to promote international mobility for its students and staff.

Currently,Altınbaş University has many Erasmus partnership agreements with the prestigious universities in Europe. Besides Erasmus, an academic and research partnership agreement was recently signed with Geneva University which is one of the major teaching and research universities in Italy. Beyond Europe, other cooperation agreements were signed with the universities in the USA, Argentina and Pakistan. Furthermore,Altınbaş  University is eager to widen its partnerships geographically and there are potential partnership opportunities currently under negotiation in the South and Middle Asia, Australia and Africa.

Altınbaş  University values greatly the double/multiple/joint degrees in its internationalization strategy and has already taken necessary steps, such as designing its degree programs accordingly and promoting the opportunities among its schools, to participate in such degree program projects. As a result of those efforts, Altınbaş  University and the University of Cologne, which is 624-year old and one of the largest and leading research universities in Germany, have signed a protocol allowing students to graduate from both universities with two diplomas. The double degree program has admitted its first students in the academic year of 2012/2013. Furthermore, a joint degree project is still under negotiation with a partner university in the USA. Altınbaş University also pursues other opportunities to widen its horizon on the double/multiple/joint degrees in terms of the study areas and geographical distribution of the degree partners.

Altınbaş University values quality over quantity in choosing its partners. All the partnerships are evaluated first academically, considering the education levels and quality, by establishing a comprehensive understanding of the partner institution, compatibility of academic profiles and a relationship of trust. All the partnerships are initiated first from the academic coordinators and evaluated in detail by the university administration.

The Erasmus Programme perfectly coincides with the university’s internationalization strategy. The Erasmus Programme will help the university to achieve its aims of facilitating student and staff mobility which are offering valuable international opportunities to students, professors and researchers as well as to staff members, thus increasing the international profile of Altınbaş  University. Altınbaş  University aims to include its students at all levels in international cooperation and exchange as well as promoting staff mobility. We set the target that, by 2020, at least 20% of our students will join a mobility program. Additionally, all the necessary measures will be taken to assure the quality of mobility activities. Another objective of the university is to receive incoming students at least at the number of outgoing students by the year 2020. We currently offer first and second cycle degree programs and we plan to involve as many students as possible from both cycles. Researchers and Staff members will highly be encouraged to take part in the mobility as well.

Altınbaş University aims to take part in all the 3 key actions under the Erasmus program in order to reach its own international goals and to contribute into the modernization of higher education in general.

Although it is one of the youngest universities in Turkey,Altınbaş University has already prepared to be an internationally recognized research University that offers high-quality education of international standards. In order to reach this aim, international cooperation projects are deemed important in order to incorporate an international dimension into the curriculum and education.

We are determined to establish the highest standards of teaching and research at our university. Our academic staff, who is relatively young, are mostly graduates of prestigious US or European Ph.D. programs. Our senior academics are likewise, and have had their tenures at prestigious American, European or Turkish universities. With this experience of our academic and administrative staff, who is experienced in the area of internationalization in general and in European projects in particular, Altınbaş University will support the pursuit of all cooperation projects in teaching and training, including networks, strategic partnerships and joint programs.

In order to promote our participation in those projects within the university, we will ensure visibility to the results achieved by our staff members engaged in cooperation projects with strategic partners in the performance and human resources evaluations. As a part of its dedication to promote participation, Altınbaş  University includes support fund in its yearly budget in order to be able to allocate additional recourses to the planned projects.

Moreover, administrative steps are taken to ensure a smooth project period for the participants by dedicating administrative support in assisting the organization of the projects. All the administrative units are designed to enable them in assisting to and participating in teaching and training projects.

As Altınbaş University aims to set the aim of being a supportive and inclusive learning community devoted to academic excellence, creative learning and innovative research in its strategic plan, it is expected to benefit from and contribute to the Erasmus program in a great degree.

For the first priority of the Modernisation Agenda, we strongly believe that our participation into the program will facilitate us to increase the attainment level of our learning community. The objective of the University is to educate its students to be productive, investigative and intellectual individuals, who are respectful of human rights and freedoms, who take on a social responsibility to serve humanity; and who possess critical thinking abilities in line with universal knowledge and values. Mobility is a vital component of this education process and Erasmus program promotes the greater mobility opportunities than any other programs available. Program also encourages universities to involve disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into the mobility which will help us to shape our practices accordingly.

For the second priority of the Modernisation Agenda, Altınbaş University aims to have curricula to meet the demands of the labor market in a rapidly developing industrial world. Supporting staff exchanges and including practical experience in education are vital elements in altering the curricula to current and emerging labor market needs and foster employability and entrepreneurship. Erasmus program is designed to support the exchanges and practical experiences which will be a great tool of our university with this respect. Program also pushes the universities in quality development in education which will be an important motivation for our commitments in quality assurance.

For the third priority of the Modernisation Agenda, we strongly believe that learning mobility helps students and researchers increase their professional, social and intercultural skills and employability. Thus, the mobility activities will be an important tool to achieve our aim of equipping our students with knowledge, skills and competences for them to flourish within a global society, by fostering a culture of excellence and respect for other cultures and ideas.

For the fourth priority of the Modernisation Agenda, As Altınbaş University also aims to link education, research and business, the program objectives coincides with university’s internationalization strategy. The program will encourage the university to create partnerships with professional institutions, business and high tech centers and enhance our capacity to engage such interactions.

For the fifth priority of the Modernisation Agenda, The program allows and motivates the university to access to alternative sources of funding for mobility activities and high quality in education. Program also encourages us to modernise our human resource management by integrating mobility activities into the performance evaluations.