About Us

Health, Culture and Sports Department (HCS) has been established with the purpose of meeting students’ various needs in terms of health, culture and sports. In addition to provide students with essential services such as medical and psychological counselling; HCS aims to fully contribute in students’ mental, physical and cultural improvements and help them develop their talents, skills and personalities confidently.

The sole aim of our Health Services and Counselling & Psychological Services consisting of expert physicians, nurses and clinical psychologists is to protect students’ and staff’s physical and psychological health; treat illnesses and/refer patients to fully-equipped healthcare facilities in case they require comprehensive care.

Another objective of the HCS is to help students improve mentally and physically by encouraging them to participate in various cultural and sporting activities, as well as to establish student clubs based on their talents and interests.

In line with these objectives, HCS conducts researches and develops new strategies in collaboration with academic departments of the University. Basically, HCS stands out as a unique centre providing Altınbaş University students and staff with every support and counselling they might need in terms of health, culture and sports.