Internationalization Action Plan

Internationalization Action Plan of Altinbas University


Offering students an opportunity to study at a university integrated in the world, producing graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge that match the needs of a globalizing world stand out as the main reference point of our University and its efforts to become a global brand in Internationalization, in accordance with Altınbaş University’s vision and mission statement: “Producing graduates who are capable of adding value to themselves and the society they live in”.

Designed to cover all areas of activity in which Altınbaş University is involved, our Internationalization Strategy has been formed on the basis of key internationalization-oriented policies and goals stated in Turkish Council of Higher Education’s Internationalization in Higher Education Declaration as well as on the basis of strategies, experiences and leadership styles of the world’s leading universities. 

With the purpose of becoming one of Turkey’s leading universities in terms of internationalization and acquiring the capabilities to meet all requirements for internationalization, Altınbaş University has created a set of 3-year goals and action plans designed to help reach these goals within the specified time limits. Each and every step that must be taken to turn this set of goals into reality are provided in the following chapters along with an action calendar a list of bodies/units responsible for promoting and implementing internationalizationprocess.

Altınbaş University Internationalization Strategy Frameworkhas been drawn up so as to set forth our university’s internationalization vision and goals, the set of detailed actions that must be taken to achieve these goals and the conditions under which the responsible units/persons should keep track of the progress of internationalization.

Accordingly, the abovementioned strategy shall comprise the following four main components;


A. International Access

          A1. International Student Recruitment

          A2. Uluslararası Staff Recruitment

B. International Recognition

C. Education and Research

D. Internationalizing the Campus