Payment Methods (Re-Registration-Undergraduate)


-     In this method, you should go to a Denizbank Branch and pay the tuition fee in cash.

-     Payment in Turkish Lira is not accepted. 

-     Bank transfers/eft (transfer) as payment methods are not accepted.

-     University staff will not accept any tuition payment in person.

-     When you pay the tuition fee in cash at a Denizbank branch, the payment must be made in full.

-     In case of any problem you may encounter at Denizbank, you are strongly advised to take a screenshot of the instructions listed below and show it to the Denizbank staff.


a-ITAHS2 ekranına girilir,

b-Tahsilat Grubu: Okul Ödemeleri,

c-Kurum Kodu: Altınbaş Üniversitesi Lisans

d-Öğrenci No numarası yazılır,

e-Ürün Kodu: Peşin seçilir,

f-Sorgulanır ve Eklenir.



- If you pay with a credit card, you will be required to pay in USD. 

- No installment is available when you pay with a credit car.

- Make sure your credit card is authorized for online transaction (virtual POS).

- Make sure your credit limits are high enough to cover the tuition in full.

- It is also possible to split and pay the tuition fee with multiple credit cards.

- Payment with credit card at the Financial Affairs Office is not accepted. 


CLICK HERE to pay online with a credit card


The following payment methods will not be accepted when you make payment at university premises or at Denizbank: Cash, EFT, Wire Transfer, and Cheque. When making payment, please use one of the two methods mentioned above. As our Student System has recently become fully-automated, payments will only be made via When you complete the payment process, please check your financial approval status at

PLEASE NOTE: When the payment is made using one of the 2 above methods, your financial approval will be automatically sent to Student Affairs Information System.