Message from the Head of the Department

Özgenur Reyhan KURTULDUDear Students;

The Social Services Program helps primarily disadvantaged (disabled, elderly, etc.) individuals who need professional help and support in the community. It is a field that deals with issues such as children, youth, family, education, social welfare, social problems and aims to improve the society. Since the 1940s, our country is in need of professional staff who have been educated in scientific level, despite the fact that they exist both socially in the academic field and in this field through the training of many qualified scientists. In order to contribute to the elimination of this need, our Social Services Program continues to educate professionals who are sensitive to social needs and social needs.

Our appraisals are being trained as social service assistants, researchers and assistant specialists in many public institutions providing social services, private sector and civil society sectors. they can work in social services and social welfare units of local governments, guidance and research centers, special rehabilitation centers, kindergartens and day-care centers, correctional institutions, prisons under the Ministry of Justice and supervised freedom facilities, organizations related to population planning.

As Altınbaş University Vocational School Social Services Program, we are pleased to be with our precious friends who are seeking solutions to their social, economic and cultural problems and who are willing to be a tool for social well-being.

I wish all students have success..

Instructor Özgenur Reyhan KURTULDU
Head of Social Services Program