Message from the Chairpersons


The Department of Jewelry Design, which has become increasingly prominent in its design disciplines, is a privileged program with the vision of keeping its tradition accumulated in its deep-rooted historical background, its contemporary approach with tight communication with tradition and its innovative search for the future. This privileged position; With the advantage of being structured within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of our university, it supports our aim to raise designer identities with prominent, qualified and creative features in the field. Our graduates; have a contemporary vision in the field of jewelry and jewelry design, the concept of design, design process, who know the creative aspect and seek originality in their works, can produce new alternatives for the jewelry and jewelry industry.

Our training program is carried out in a system that is based on the conceptual processes, the concept of design and production, the theoretical and practical fields that complement each other. Our education system, which focuses on the student aims to discover the creative potential of our students, to provoke this potential positively and to bring it to a superior level.

In addition to the workshops and laboratory facilities of our faculty; within the framework of our modern education model, which we supported with the CO-OP system and sectoral relations applied for the first time in our department, the new technological opportunities that the sector has had become a part of our training program. Thus; Our students who have the chance to gain experience in business life are provided to integrate directly into the business life. Our graduates, who have great equipment in the field of jewelry and contemporary jewelry design thanks to our specialized teaching-teaching staff, will have a wide range of job opportunities in the sector.