Message from the Head of the Department

Dr. Oktay DEMİRTAŞThe associate degree (biyearly) graphic design program of vocational school of Altınbaş University has been founded on the basis of meeting the expectations of the students in terms of their career goals and for the students who have cultural equipment and who are well-supported for using today’s developing information technologies and for the students who want to construct general abilities them on a solid foundation.

The graphic design is a field of occupation which can associate the ability and design in the areas of communication, technology and business and that can solve the interdisciplinary communication design problems and it specialized in organizing the information, communication and direction of target. This program aims to train the assistant graphic designers who can response the digital, visual communication and industrial design needs by courtesy of employment opportunities and central location of campus and that can meet the requirements through practical, modern education approach.

Our program encourages the students who can use their verbal and written communication abilities with an artistic and aesthetic harmony by developing analytical and critical thinking skills of them           to switch also to the undergraduate education programs. It will also be possible for the students to maintain to develop themselves in the area of global communication designing in the sense of social responsibility as an assistant graphics designer equipped with professional ethics, cultural values. The lessons of program consist of; studio and workshop applications, digital works in the computer lab, social responsibility project works and a structure which follows the artistic formations in their site and which can discuss and interact the current artistic activities and events.  

Our graduated students will be able to take charge as an assistant graphic designer in advertising agencies, printing and digital printing studios, photo studios, publishers, pharmaceutical and food factories, social media agencies and TV channels. There are also opportunities discretionary for our graduated students to transfer on a scholarship to department of graphic design of our university and the opportunities for vertical transfer to the undergraduate programs of relevant areas of other universities with the exam of DGS (vertical transfer examination).



Head of Department of Graphic Design