Undergraduate Program



  1.       Should be able to understand basic concept and theory about computer programming.
  2.       Should be able to have information about advanced technological equipment for software and hardware applications
  3.       Should be able to describe problem and to design algorithm for solving about problem for field of computer programming.
  4.       Should be able to use basic Office and commercial software.
  5.       Should be able to develop solutions for hardware problems that are about not to require speciality.
  6.       Should be able to identify required platform for developing software by using programming languages.
  7.       Should be able to design, to query, to develop database management system.
  8.       Should be able to design interactive user web pages and to develop server side application.
  9.       Should be able to inform about operating systems and to know basic operating systems architecture and to manage this system.
  10.   Should be able to know about computer network systems and computer network management.
  11.   Should be able to do system design by using research techniques and to be able to comment discoveries and to be able to present technical report.
  12.   Should be able to express oral and written communication with general and technical rules, to be able to communicate efficiently.
  13.   Should be able to have conscious about social responsibility and occupational ethics in field and human affairs. 
  14.   Should be able to work by individual or team work.




  1.       The ability to have basic concepts and equipment and to have skills of lifelong learning concept along with developing technology in field of computer programming.
  2.       The ability of analyzing, comparing, comment and consideration skills in field of computer programming.
  3.       The ability to describe a problem and designing a suitable algorithm for this problem.
  4.       The ability to set up database management system.
  5.       The ability to develop interactive web pages.
  6.       The ability to develop software by using an object oriented programming.
  7.       The ability to study with individual work or teamwork.
  8.       The ability to follow up-to-date information and data processing technology.
  9.       The ability to locate software and hardware fault and the ability to solve these faults.
  10.   The ability to have written and oral communication skills.
  11.   The ability to have occupational ethics.
  12.   The ability to have sensitive for humanity and society.