Message from the Head of the Department

Today, more than half of those affected by conflicts and disasters worldwide are children. Many risks to children; they have a devastating effect on their happiness, physical safety and future. Protection of children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect; It is an urgent priority for all those working in humanitarian actions, including both protection actors and a range of industry experts. Girls or boys of different ages may have less access to child protection or other services. Some children may be excluded due to their social position or ethnic identity. This may reflect wider discrimination among people. Specific children; tasks such as taking care of other children or a family member at home, working hours, non-movement or obstacles, and maintenance arrangements may be excluded due to their own circumstances. Child protection interventions have to find innovative and creative ways to reach those children who need the most protection. Child protection workers and other humanitarian workers should intervene quickly when the forms of discrimination and exclusion are identified.  

Child Protection and Care Services established within the scope of Altınbaş University, which is aware of the developmental features of the children based on the child rights contract, knows and advocates for the basic rights of the child and works in cooperation with the institutions related to the improvement of these rights. The aim of the course is to educate the members who adopt a collaborative approach with families and non-governmental organizations


Instructor Gül KOÇYİĞİT

Head of Program