Undergraduate Program

1) The ability to make contribution to the professional knowledge base

2) The ability to develop the professional communication skills

3) The ability to create the ability to access the current information related to the program

4) The ability to gain the ability to communicate and exchange information with the counterparts in the field of practice of the profession in a healthy way

5) The ability to have a basic level of knowledge related to the field of health

6) The ability to be able to use technological products related to the field

7) The ability to gain the ability of  making decisions quickly and accurately related to the field

8) The ability to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in occupational safety

9) The ability to gain awareness of professional responsibility.

Students of Radiotheraphy Programme;


1)      Will be able to hold factual information in the area of Radiotheraphy Program on a basic level

2)      Will be able to explain the terms related to the Radiotheraphy Program.

3)      Will be able to hold the ability to define the problem in the light of the information encountered with an unexpected situation about devices.

4)      Will be able to achieve to identify problems arising from the deficiency of basic securities in Radiotheraphy and search for solutions.

5)      Will be able to perform a given task independently by using the basic knowledge held in the area of Radiotheraphy Program.

6)      Will be able to explore, analyze and explain major patterns of human behavior within the personal and social environment.

7)      Will be able to passes the consciousness whole life  learning.

8)      Will be able to achieve to inform the respective individuals and institutions by utilizing his / her technological knowledge and skills on issues associated with the Radiotheraphy Program

9)      Will be able to use the machines, devices and equipment’s about Radiotheraphy,

10)  Will be able to have knowledge about human body systems and fundamental structure and anatomy.

11)  Will be able to , to have basic knowledge about public health, human anatomy and physiology.

12)   Will be able to has sufficient knowledge and skills in emergency situations and first aid.

13)   Will be able to be a part of a team with doctors and has the ability to work together.

14)   Will be able to work with radiation oncologists, medical radiation physicists, patients, colleagues and has the ability to communicate effectively with other sectors of society.

15)   Will be able to be conscious of getting access the information about health issues, their evaluations, applications and announcements.

16)   Will be able to take history of patient regarding radiation oncology etc., to prepare files, he / she is sufficient in handling patient information.

17)  Will be able to use hospital automation systems, general and professional software programs.

18)  Will be able to participate in activities (congresses, seminars, conferences, symposia..) and develop solutions as related to the field of Radiotheraphy.