Vision & Mission Statements | Directives

To provide a revolutionary medicine education, to establish standards in the field of medicine and to provide excellent health care.

To train qualified physicians equipped with a knowledge set at international standards, sensitive to public healh issues, committed to ethical values, capable of diagnosing different cases correctly and implementing correct treatments; to provide quality and internationally recognized medical services to public; to carry out research in order to contribute to the solution of the problems of the country as well as to the progress of the knowledge of medicine at a universal level.



Quality Policy of the School of Medicine

Since the 2013-2014 academic year that we started education, we are a faculty that is dynamic, active in scientific research and listening to the students, respecting their cultural differences and owning a policy of providing the students with the human values as well as the professional skills, enabling the development of their social skills. 

We have also adopted the quality policy of not being away from the technological breakthroughs and scientific developments of our age in the field of health; conducting our own national and international research and development activities; contributing these fields with product and publication outputs, by raising researchers, and by relaying the importance of scientific knowledge along with the scientific research discipline in all aspects of life, including medicine, to our students and young generations.

We actively contribute to the studies of Health Protection and Development, which is the quality policy of our university, and we also adopt it as our faculty policy.  We are aware that the quality and quality policy of the Faculty, even if it is different, cannot be independent from the university quality and quality policy.  For this reason, we act both in accordance with our own quality policy and to support the quality policy of our university and we adopt this approach as a certain quality policy.  In topics of education, research, academic activities and cooperation, by being in coordination with the university, we set our goals, plan the processes and follow a policy of internal controls in the direction to achieve the objectives. 


Directive on Education & Training and Assessment in Medical Education [PDF]

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