Chairsperson’s Message

Jewelry design is a small scale application of art that is similar to a spark created at the point of meeting of aesthetics and material and, as such, it accompanies the body. 

Students in the Jewelry Design Program learn to build and develop the jewelry they design by using a diligent and methodological effort while being informed of how to position the products they design in the market. Trough what they learn, they will demonstrate development in keeping with the intellectual level of the innovative and avant-garde samples created in an international format. 

Furthermore they will be able to strengthen their standing through exhibits, competitions, trainee programs that they participate in. They will become jewelry designers, who are ready to enter the international markets by following the developments in jewelry technology and production, while having a more universal view on the subject. 

In our department, creativity applications and intellectual practice, which would provide the knowledge and skills required for jewelry design, will be given on the basis of the laws of science. The fundamental scientific foundation is established via courses on general chemistry, physics and mathematics. Professional technical knowledge is developed by courses in metallurgy, a field in which metal and crystal structures are examined, computer aided design, and gemology, in which precious stones are examined. Courses oriented toward the contemporary culture such as mythology, iconography, and art history help develop the intellectual knowledge of the students while courses in basic arts, form and composition, and contemporary trends in jewelry design develop their aesthetic and creativity levels.