Chairsperson’s Message

Asst. Prof. Dr. Salih DENLİThe Graphic Design Department pursues the objective of educating individuals who can analyze and synthesize their own environment and era, and create graphical designs and original ideas based on their rich technical and aesthetic education.

The Department program includes courses that deliver disciplines across visual communication design such as applied graphical design courses, font-typography and computer aided design, as well as offering theoretical courses such as art history and graphical design history. To reflect the up-to-date quality of visual design market to the program, our academic staff includes people who are specialized in different fields of graphic design as well as full time academic lecturers. Publishing houses and news and advertising agencies active in the field of visual communication design have well established relationships with each other and are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology. There is increasing demand for well trained and equipped graphic designers for employment in every area of the sector. In this regard, the Graphic Design Department targets to educate and train qualified graphic designers who can be employed in any field of the sector, who are in possession of contemporary values and who are able to develop communication strategies and solve all kinds of visual design problems, while at the same time who are qualified researchers, and cultured and capable people able to make a difference.

The Graphic Design Department, which is closely linked to technology, has a Mac and a PC laboratory that are quite advanced in terms of software and hardware, printing and picture workshops, photography studios and laboratories. In addition to the subject matter education, it will be ensured that students assimilate innovations through hands-on training and by observing the constantly-evolving sector.