Vision & Mission Statements

The Fashion and Textile Design Department is dedicated to providing authentic and contemporary education incorporating the theories and concepts of art and design, and the skills for their application. We foster an environment of innovation, sensitivity and exploration with the fundamental purpose of reaching for universal yet original beauty. We strive to instill in our students the appreciation for the cultural values we inherited, and the desire and the ability for translating and extending the impressions of the unrivaled treasures of our cultural heritage to the global society.

Mission Statements
The mission of the Department of Fashion and Textile Design is to produce graduates with:

  • an understanding of the necessity and the basic principles of modernism, and the capabilities for producing contemporary and futuristic design solutions.
  • application skills incorporating a pioneering and interdisciplinary nature, and an inquisitive and responsible outlook.
  • the capability of using science and the relevant technologies in education and research to respond to the needs of their profession.
  • social responsibility and environmental concerns, and a willingness for team-work in professional life.