Message From The Dean



Dear undergraduate candidates,

Welcome to the official website of Altınbaş University, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences.Our school consists of seven departments. The language of education is English in all of the education programmes conducted within these departments. A large majority of the students enrolled in the School of Engineering and Architecture is on scholarship. Further opportunities are allocated to outstanding students through other university-based sources. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the total number of students in the School is 950, of which 90 are from other countries. As the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences we are aiming at graduating research-minded students who will play key roles in tomorrow’s world, who will be respectful to human rights and universal ethical values, capable of using the products of science and technology and of solving problems using logical reasoning.Our main objective is to prepare our students for the global competition as idealist, creative, innovative and enterprising engineers/architects equipped with leadership qualities. For this purpose, we are striving for educating students who will largely be acknowledged by leading international private and public institutions.  Our School offers seven programs with an aim to answer the needs of the rapidly changing world. The programs are run in an environment equipped with a modern educational infrastructure and with academics who have degrees from the leading universities worldwide.We invite young and enthusiastic engineer and architect candidates with an aspiration for their future in line with our ideals to join the educational programs within the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences of Altınbaş University.

Dean of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences