Vision & Mission Statements


To contribute to academic literature and technological improvements with international level education/teaching and scientific research. In addition, it is aimed to be recognized, reputable, innovative and a department consistently improving itself in the field of mechanical engineering.



To create a novel knowledge and utilize this knowledge with the purpose of improving the present and future scientific and technological progress; in this perspective, the department seeks for its graduates to receive the necessary knowledge and basic research capability in the field of mechanical engineering, to possess creative and critical thinking skills, to have the engineering ethics and social responsibility, to be ready for a career in the competitive global environment, to aim life-long research, learning and self-development principle; additionally, in order to serve the community, in collaboration with stakeholders such as public institutions, non-governmental organizations, academia and industry, the economical, environmental and social problems and needs will be diagnosed and will tried to be resolved by using mechanical engineering methods, practices and tools.