Message From The Chairperson

Our department, which was established to give teaching and research in different fields of social sciences, aims to develop students' critical and analytical thinking skills and enrich their intellectual accumulation with many courses in the fields of culture, art, literature, philosophy, history and music. Students who take these courses develop their skills of interpretation, discussion and analysis within the framework of original and contemporary approaches of social science disciplines and conduct interdisciplinary research. The Department of Social Sciences also organizes seminars and conferences on issues such as politics, cultural studies and history, which will strengthen social awareness and ethical values, and encourages our students to participate in current discussions. Our department also played an active role in the publication activities of the AURUM Journal of Social Sciences, which was published as the first academic publication activity of Altınbaş University as of 2015-2016 academic year.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Gözde ORHAN - Chairperson of the Department of Social Sciences