Course Descriptions

HIST 101 History of Turkish Republic I (2-0)2
Political, economic and sociologic dimensions of Turkish modernization; problems of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 17th century and the “long” 19th century; conservative and reformist groups, defeats, political and economic instabilities; new world system; great migrations; separatist nationalisms; European States System and Ottomans; Modernization agenda; military, bureaucratic, legal, financial, economic, and social reforms; conflicts between old and new institutions; modernization/aspiration for modernization; I. Constitutional Monarchy, II. Abdülhamit, II. Constitutional Monarchy; Kemalist era and historic background of modern Turkey.
HIST 102 History of Turkish Republic II (2-0)2
Second Constitutional Monarch Period and its aftermath: society and politics in the “Young Turk” period; Ottoman society and war: Balkan and First World Wars; nationalism; Anatolian Struggle; resistance movements, alliances, leaders; Republic era; politics and society; period between the two world wars; Great Depression; state and statism; II. World War and its aftermath; multi-party period, Turkey and the World; a comparative look at Kemalism; Turkish democracy.
HIST 110 History of Civilization (3-0)4
Cradles, evolution, and a brief history of the interactions of world civilizations from their origin to 1500 AD; formation of the modern world in the aftermath: changes and continuity; western and non-western modernizations; state, government and new constitutional forms; diplomacy, war, technology, migrations, social classification systems; cultural and intellectual development; intercepting revolutions; nations and national movements; mass democracy and its problems; globalization; an outlook to 21st century and to probabilities.
PHIL 101  Introduction to Philosophy (3-0)5
The nature of self, questions about reality, theories of truth and knowledge, the relation between the mind and body, human freedom and the foundations of morality.