Testing and Assessment


Basic English Department

There are two types of assessment in Preparatory School, continuous evaluation and end of module evaluation. At the beginning of every academic year, students are informed about assessment and evaluation at the orientation program. Along with this, at the beginning of every module, the level coordinators visit the classes and remind these issues.

Writing and speaking tasks, reading books, Literature Circles activity, weekly quizzes, online assignments, class projects and midterm exams are included in continuous evaluation.

At the end of the module, students take the final exam. Final exams assess reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. To be eligible for the final exam, students are required to get at least 65 points out of 100 and not exceed the absenteeism limit. Students who gets 60 points out of 100 are able to pass the level. Students who are not successful in the final exam repeat the same level. The results of the exams are shared on Student Information System.

Proficiency Exam

English Proficiency Exam is given five times in a year: at the beginning of every academic year, at the end of every module and at the end of the summer school. The students who enrolled the school and the ones who could not take the exam or failed the previous year can take the proficiency exam held at the beginning of the year. The students from the previous year have the right to sit the proficiency exam regardless of their levels.

Only the students who are 65% successful during the module in B2 level and who do not exceed the absenteeism limit can sit on the proficiency exams conducted during the academic year. The students who are 60% successful in the proficiency exam pass and start their faculties. The proficiency exam assesses and evaluates reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. 


The Modern Languages Department 

In Modern Languages Department, the School of Foreign Languages conducts an assessment and evaluation system focused on the process. In the beginning of each term, all students are informed about time and score intervals of classroom and extracurricular assessments through syllabus. Classroom assessments mainly consist of writing, presentations, and short multiple-choice exams. The announcements of these assessments are made by the instructors of each class in the lessons and on the websites to inform the students at least two weeks earlier. All required documents are shared with the students. 

Every term, a midterm exam and, if deemed as appropriate, midterm make-up exams, final and retake exams are conducted. These exams mainly consist of multiple-choice questions, and they are held in 3 different campuses (MahmutbeyBakırköyGayrettepe) simultaneously. The content, scoring, duration, place and time of the exam are shared with the students on the University Web Homepage and in the classrooms by composing information files. Students are notified of the exam results by the assigned instructor in the classrooms and also on the system.