Developmental Efforts


Within the framework of the PDCA cycle and the “continuous development - learning organization” principle, the School of Foreign Languages carries out improvement activities in the following areas:​​

 Quality and Accreditation

  • Establishment of Quality Commission (04.10.2018)
  • Completion of Internal Evaluation Report (IER – October 2018)

 Decisions taken within the framework of improvement studies:

- Distribution of duties of the newly created Quality Commission, workflows, determination of the frequency of meetings and archiving of the minutes,

- Updating the website and getting it ready for visits

- Sharing the report with internal and external stakeholders

- Review and update of our top management evaluation system

- The nondeified detected process writings are done and the flow charts are updated. In this context, an improvement action plan is prepared and implemented.


  • Completion of the English Preparatory School Internal Assessment Report (EPS-IAR - November 2018)
  • Getting Accreditation (Pearson Assured - September 2017)
  • Successful completion of the accreditation audit (Pearson Assured - October 2018)


Continuous Development

  • Restructuring 

- Continuous Professional Development Unit (CPDU)

The existing Continuous Professional Development Unit (CPDU) was restructured in 2018-2019 Academic Year with the decisions of the Board of Directors of SOFL numbered 2018-40 and 2018-51, separately for MLD and BED. (Annex48)

Performance Assessment and Supervising System (PASS)

The Performance Evaluation System has been revised and restructured. In this context, professional responsibilities and professional development activities have been redefined and re-determined with the following key performance indicators, measuring instruments have been created. (see Annex49). Education and professional development processes are ensured through the following curriculum criteria


Instructional Education Design and Transfer

  • Our education programs are subject to continuous improvement within the framework of the PDCA cycle as follows: