Director’s Message


Following the vision of adding value to global science, Altınbaş University aims to raise individuals who can make innovative, distinctive and quality contributions to the modern world. Foreign language education has great importance for our students to obtain global knowledge, use this knowledge, communicate and practice their professions in the international arena.

As the School of Foreign Languages, we offer opportunities to learn a second, even a third foreign language along with the preparatory school program and the courses offered by the Modern Languages Department.

Besides foreign language education, Altınbaş University, with its dynamic, well-educated and communicative academic staff, aims to raise individuals with critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Altınbaş University the School of Foreign Languages is accredited by Pearson Assured which is an internationally independent organisation working in over 100 countries worldwide. By means of internationally recognized Pearson Certificates, our students will have the opportunity to study abroad. And, with the help of Pearson Certificates, our graduates will have advantages in their academic and business lives. 

In line with our aims, we support our students both in their educational life and after graduation and we wish them success.

Director of School of Foreign Languages