Graduate Program

The objective of the Information Technologies program is to educate students with the following competencies.

1) The graduates will have commitment to computer science and computer engineering disciplines.
2) The graduates will have fundamental knowledge of information technology concepts for a successful career as professionals working at different fields.
3) The graduates will be able to increase their productivity at work through efficient use of information technology applications.
4) The graduates will have the broad education necessary to understand the impact of information technology solutions in personal and professional contexts.
5) The graduates will have the awareness of the importance of personal and professional improvement.

The learning outcomes of the Information Technologies program are as listed below.

1) Knowledge on the fundamentals of computer science and computer engineering.
2) An ability to use the tools and techniques necessary for computer science and engineering practice.
3) An ability to develop computer programs and knowledge on the foundations of software engineering.
4) Knowledge on the fundamentals of data structures and algorithm development.
5) Knowledge on the fundamentals of operating systems and system programming.
6) Knowledge on the fundamentals of computer organization, design and architecture.
7) Knowledge on the fundamentals of computer Networks and network security.
8) Knowledge on the fundamentals of data mining, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
9) An ability to identify, formulate and solve information technology problems.
10) An understanding of the professional and ethical responsibility within the context of information technology concepts.