Master in Architecture Program

Architecture discipline gains different dimensions in all over the world as well as in our country. It requires new perspectives and specializations with technological developments and theoretical changes. This differentiation envisages developing architectural education with interdisciplinary knowledge. The Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of Altınbaş University in Istanbul can establish this interdisciplinary relationship with other departments within the Faculty. These departments are the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department and the Department of Industrial Product Design.

 The main objective of the program is to meet the need of qualified experts who will produce contemporary but unique products for the protection of our country’s rich cultural and natural aspects. These experts will be able to make proper applications and to question the increasingly deepening separations and contradictions between the theoretical and the practical developments in discipline. For this reason, this "Master of Architecture Program," which will be open to architects, interior architects, landscape architects and city planners with undergraduate diplomas, will be one of the postgraduate programs aiming to meet interdisciplinary interaction and communication requirements.